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Lullaby for the Suicidal
There's a world outside the darkness of your mind
A place where there are treasures yet to find
And shadow does not reign, nor sorrow
Over the kingdom of tomorrow
:iconstealing-beauty:stealing-beauty 9 3
Dumbledore's Farewell
It was a warm summer evening. Severus Snape was standing at the window looking into a fiery sunset when he heard someone at the door. He knew immediately who his visitor was, and what he had come for.
"Is it time?" Snape asked, without averting his gaze.
"Yes, Severus. It is time," said Albus Dumbledore. "I am leaving soon, and if I return, I fear there will be little time for goodbyes." He spoke in a light and matter-of-fact voice that did not match the seriousness of his words, as if he might have been talking about a Quidditch match, or his favourite jelly bean flavour.
Snape turned around, despair and revulsion etched into his pale features. "Then I must do it?"
Dumbledore nodded. "It is the only way."
Snape looked at him for a long moment in silent defiance. The old man held his gaze firmly. His face was more lined than before, and the curse had taken a visible toll on his body, but he had lost none of his dignity and vigour. Finally, Snape caved in. "As you wish," he said flatly.
:iconstealing-beauty:stealing-beauty 31 27
The Ghost of Lily
~I Show Not Your Face But Your Heart's Desire~
It was winter. Severus Snape stood by the frosted window and looked out over the snow covered grounds of Hogwarts. But he did not see the present - his eyes were looking into a long lost past.
Even after all this time, the castle grounds were still filled with her presence. He still saw her footsteps where they had once walked together, felt her shadow beside him in the darkness, and every empty hallway was still ringing with her laughter, haunting him forever.
It was here that he had lost her, he knew. In his mind, he had gone over it a million times, done something different, said the words he had not been able to say when it had mattered. But it changed nothing. She was gone, and always would be.
He sighed, and turned away from the window. His eyes fell on an object on the far side of the dark room. It was tall and hidden beneath a cloth, and looked like a large painting of some kind. Snape walked towards it and eyed it with susp
:iconstealing-beauty:stealing-beauty 51 16
My last breath
My last breath
Severus leaned at the house wall in Godric's Hollow and closed his eyes to stop the floods of tears that have welled up in his eyes from streaming down his cheeks. He was scared like never before in his life. It was already dark outside and menacing shadows danced and flickered in the light that came out of the living room window which Severus stood next to. A cool breeze ruffled his hair and he shuddered a bit- he normally wasn't the kind of person who got cold easily, but today wasn't a normal night after all.
Nothing was to hear except for a cold, high- pitched voice, that rang suppressed through the solid walls of the little house and after the murmur had ebbed away, there was a man's scream and a green light streamed through the windows and flooded the dark streets
After that process everything was quiet- as quiet as death if there hadn't been the muffled sobs from Severus that revealed that he was crying. He had been his enemy, yes. And he had snatched his greatest
:iconmissjanice:MissJanice 17 24
A long-desired reunion
A long- desired reunion ~
Severus Snape blinked doubtful. Around him swirled grey wafts of mist, which refused any sight of the things that rested hidden behind them. The ground under his feet which was as smooth as glass and was grey, too and the thing he described as sky either.
The man looked undecided around, as if he didn't know, how he came here, where he was or what he should do now.
Suddenly he jerked. As if someone had snitched off invisible walls, the hurting realises flooded in his head and became a quite mess, they didn't order, but one powerful sentence burned deep in his consciousness:
"I'm dead."
He saw Voldemort's  ugly snake like face in front of him again and in the next moment, his scaled snake Nagini wound itself towards him. It wriggled itself slowly- very slowly towards him to make his death even more painful. Just in time, he was able to leave his memories of Lily to this Potter boy, before he was swallowed by the all overwhelming blackness. After some
:iconmissjanice:MissJanice 18 17
Snily SnapeXLily Fanfiction
James sat in the Great Hall as he had a spare class. As none of his friends gained the same spare, James walked around the school alone. Bored out of his mind James just sat there trying to sleep.
He could have gone to the Gryffindor common room and slept in his bed but he didn't really want to go to sleep. He wanted something to do but couldn't think of anything.
There was 20 minutes left of class before the lunch bell would ring and he would have his friends back. James lay on his back at the table in the Great Hall pondering if he should do his homework for muggle studies.
"Nah." muttered James, as he would rather do his work with His girlfriend Lily Evans who was an expert in that class for she was muggle born.
James was just about closing his eyes, and actually feeling sleep overpowering him when he heard footsteps.
Looking up quickly, James saw Severus Snape, an ex-friend of Lily that he didn't really care for walk in. The whole school new he had a giant crush on Lil
:iconcloudedsunshine415:CloudedSunshine415 17 10
Snily SnapeXLily Fanfiction
"I'm an idiot." I lost count how many times I had screamed this into my tear soaked pillow. I hated myself. I was a stupid, idiot. I thought, he was a good guy, I thought it was love. But all it was, was him.....
What was he? He was.... I don't know. Most of the time, he was my other half, my friend, my lover and my boyfriend.
I let so many people down. We were the power couple, we could make it through anything. If our love couldn't survive, no ones could. That's a lot of pressure on two 16 year-olds.
"Lily!" cried out Snape. I turned my head to face the door of the Shrieking shack. I had looked my self in here all day, missing all my classes. It was only a matter of time my once best friend would find me.
A small smile grew on my face. Even though I didn't like the reason Snape was seeking me out, I was glad he did. I miss him. We seemed to have just drifted apart. It all started when I started dating James. The wan that has brought me to tears in the Shrieking Shack.
I g
:iconcloudedsunshine415:CloudedSunshine415 10 9
Snily SnapeXLily Fanfiction
"Mudblood." the word haunted Severus Snape's dreams days after he had regrettably shouted it at the women he loved, Lily Evans. James had pushed him over the edge, he was mad, he didn't mean to say it.
Snape walked the hall alone to his next class, potions. His favourite. But today Snape couldn't concentrate on creating liquid death as his best friend hated him.
After class Lucius Malfoy approached him in the Great hall.
"Snape!" called out Malfoy.
"Yes." Snape answered. Snape didn't even bother looking up as Malfoy took a seat beside him. He sat at the Slytherin table staring at James Potter nibbling onto Lily's right ear. Her soft giggle seemed to echo in his head.
"Not still upset about that stinking mudblood are you?"
"Don't say that word!" Shouted Snape loud enough Lily pulled away from James and looked at Snape. She stared into his eyes with hate, he stared back with love.
"What's gotten into you, mate? She's just a girl. And a Gryffindor to beat. There are plenty of ni
:iconcloudedsunshine415:CloudedSunshine415 9 4
Snily SnapeXLily Fanfiction
Snape jerked his head to the side, quickly and painfully at the scream of a girl. He knew exactly who this scream was coming from, and froze in place as the shock of Lily screaming had not passed.
"Lily!" Snape tried to whisper but the idea that Lily, his best friend was in pain could not be hidden in a whisper.
Snape set off running through the Great hall, up to the west wing, third floor. There he saw her. Lily beside a fellow Gryffindor jumping up and down holding a letter.
Panting Snape asked, "Lily? Is everything okay?"
"Okay?" Lily asked smiling. She placed her hands on his shoulders giving Snape a rush of electricity running through his veins. "Everything is amazing! More than amazing."
"What happened?" Snape asked begging for answers.
"James." she said. Anger flooded through Snape.
"What did James do? Did he hurt you?" Snape said through his teeth.
"Hurt me. Oh no! Dear Severus. He asked me out. In the kindest most gentle way possible."
"W-w-what? Did. He. Do." Snape
:iconcloudedsunshine415:CloudedSunshine415 5 5
Snily SnapeXLily Fanfiction
"Snape!" I yelled running down the west wing of Hogwarts. "Wait Up!" I yelled. Up ahead I saw Snape stop in his tracks and wait for me.
"Snape. I've been looking for you everywhere. Where have you be-" He didn't let me finish. Why would Snape cut me off?
"Sorry, I was just in a hurry." Said Severus.
"Why?" Why was he being so cold? Was he mad at me? What did I do?
"No reason. Really."
"You're lying. Snape, what happened?" I pleaded.
"Snape! Tell me please." I grabbed onto his arm and pulled as hard as I could. I couldn't hold back to raging tears. Severus slowly moved his index finger to wipe away the one tear rolling down my cheek.
"James." Severus whispered. I swallowed hard taking in to information.
"What did James do." I asked.
"What didn't he do? He's scum. Rotten scum."
"That's a mean thing to call someone."
"It's true Lily. Can't you see. How he treats people. He's rotten."
"I don't see anything."
"That's only 'cause you see what you want to see!" Severus had never y
:iconcloudedsunshine415:CloudedSunshine415 8 2


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